Kelemen Ryu International Organization


Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association!


soke István Kelemen 9th dan
founder & president of Dan College
Since 1985, the foundation of our Association, we are the biggest and the most important domestic ju jitsu organization. We are on our own track for more, than 25 years steadily with undiminished faith, improving ourselves and our ju jitsu. The tradition of this noble Japanese martial art lays us under an obligation to preserve and pass it onto the succeeding generations on very high level. Practitioners could prove many times their predominance during fights, to which we are ready, as well. Its effectiveness is outstanding in competitions, in self-defence and in close-range fighting whether it is weaponed or not. Ju jitsu is part of the Japanese Budo. Its practitioners are developing their morality beside their body, helping each other they train with loyalty and humility, as well as they believe that fight must be the last means of all. The „journey” we can offer is very thorny, our trainings are exhausting, still if you tackle challenges and you would like to get to know your own limits, if you are determined, then join to a hard team. Look for one of our Clubs the most suitable for you! How? Check this website out and you will get all support! 

Why it is worthy to practice ju jitsu? The answer is
to become just like trees:
being capable of dying remaining standing!